Television movies for the week of July 20.

149; Abduction of Innocence: A Moment of Truth Movie '96. Katie Wright. A lumber magnate's teen daughter stands trial for being an accomplice in her own kidnapping. (2:00) LIFE: Tue. 149; Aberration '97. Simon Bossell. A researcher investigating the extinction of small creatures meets a woman whose cabin is infested with odd creatures. (R) (2:00) SCI-FI: Tue. 149; About Last Night... '86. Rob Lowe. Chicago singles Danny and Debbie meet in a bar, move in together and wonder if it's love. (R) (2:00) LIFE: Sun. 11 A.M. 149; Absence of Malice '81. Paul Newman. A federal bureaucrat leads a Miami newswoman to libel a dead gangster's honest son. (PG) (2:30) AMC: Tue. 149; The Abyss '89. Ed Harris. Oil-platform workers, including an estranged couple, and a Navy SEAL make a startling deep-sea discovery. (PG-13) (2:25) ENC: Sun. 9:35 P.M., Thu. 3:50 P.M. 149; Accepted '06. Justin Long. After trying and failing to get into college, a high-school senior and his friends fool parents and ...
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